Maungaturoto will be celebrating 150 Years in 2013

Otamatea Roll of Honour to the men who served in the World Wars


Awaiting orders, 25 April 1915

  • Cameron A. (Note the initial "A" may be incorrect. Link goes to William Charles Cameron who enlisted in Maungaturoto at Rowsells)
  • Cameron, Harry

  • Harrison Charles Benjamin (initials on the monument are put as B. C Harrison)

*incorrectly put as "Irvine" on memorial

  • Lucas Clara Jane (nee Thornton) Clara was a former Kaiwaka school pupil from the Thornton family. She married Henry Lucas a watchmaker in 1896 and settled in Waihi. Henry died in 1906. Clara went to England and served as a nurse in London. She died aged 42 years on May 16 1917 at Harleston, Middlesex, England and was interred at the Kensel Green Cemetery in London. Sources :,  Memorial Notice: New Zealand Herald, Volume LV, Issue 16851, 16 May 1918, Page 1

  • McAlpine,  Archibald
  • McKay, James Cameron
  • McRae Donald Alexander

 MEANEY. —A tribute of love to the memory of Andrew W. Meaney, killed in action at Passchendaele, October 22, 1917. Inserted by his sisters.
 Auckland Star, Volume LXIII, Issue 251, 22 October 1932, Page 1

Charles Stanaway
Image kindly contributed by Greg Skinner

  • Walsh E. (unable to locate any record)

(Own Correspondent)
Again it is our sad duty to record the deaths of two more of our brave lads who left this district to do their duty to their King and Empire, and who have laid down their lives on the fields of France.
On the whole, the Maungaturoto lads appear to have been fortunate. During the Gallipoli campaign the two brothers Harrison were killed; but since then, though several were wounded, none was killed till the recent advance in France, when Trooper Innes Finlayson, A.M.K., and Private Kingsley Satchwell, A Batallion, were killed in action. The former is the second son of the late Alex. Finlayson, and is one of four brothers who enlisted. His elder brother left with the main body, and was wounded at Gallipoli and invalided home. Another brother is still in France and one in Egypt.
Kingsley Satchwell was the nephew of the Rev. T. W. Potts, and had resided here f'or only a comparatively short time when the call came, and he, too, joined the colours.
A memorial service was held in the Congregational Church on Sunday last. There was a very large congregation in attendance, and the Rev. Potts delivered a very fine sermon on the supreme sacrifice made by these two men.
In order to provide additional funds for patriotic purposes, it is proposed to hold a Fair on a large scale in December. Provisional committees have been set up, and the initial steps taken.
- Rodney and Otamatea Times,Waitemata and Kaipara Gazette 25 October 1916

Collins, Marjory,, 1912-1985,, photographer.
United Nations exhibit by OWI at Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y.
 Close-up of photographic display and seals of the nations (1943)
National Library of Congress USA

Bradman, W. R.

Gray J H

Hodge W

O'Brien V O

Tredwell F

Wilson J