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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Burning of Edward Mahoney

This is one event that happened in 1934 that lessons perhaps would have been learned from. A sad tale in the 110 year old history of the local Maungaturoto Hotel. Edward Mahoney was badly burned when benzine fumes ignited because of a naked flame source nearby. What happened to him is unknown. I've been unable to find any further details of the man's progress or even if he survived the terrible burns he had received as a result of his clothes catching on fire.




(By Telegraph—Press Association.) AUCKLAND, September 14,

Severe burns to the body were received by an employee of the Maungaturoto Hotel, Edward Mahoney, aged 56, single, when his clothes were set alight while he was pouring benzine. He had been employed at the hotel, only since Monday.

Mahoney had gone to a building about 50 yards from, the hotel to replenish the tank of a. petrol engine, used to generate electric power. As he was pouring the benzine the fumes were ignited by a candle lantern which was standing a short distance away. Benzine was splashed over his clothing, which was quickly in flames. Mahoney rushed into the yard shouting for assistance. His cries were heard by the occupant of an upstairs room, who stripped the bedclothes from the bed and threw them from the window to the yard below. Attracted by shouts, others in the hotel hastened to smother the flames. Mahoney's clothes were almost completely destroyed by the flames, and he suffered severe burns practically all over his body. His condition is very serious.

Evening Post 15 September 1934

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