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Monday, May 31, 2010

Obituary of Mr John Hurndall, Maungaturoto

An old settler, Mr. John Hurndall, connected with the early history of the Albertland settlements, has passed away within the last few days, at his residence, Hamilton Road, Ponsonby, and was buried at the Avondale Cemetery on November 25 by the Rev. Mr. Runciman.

Mr Hurndall arrived in Auckland by the ship Owen Glendower, in 1863, and joined some of the special settlers who came out at the same time by the Tyburnia. They took up land at Maungaturoto, and here for more than twenty years Mr. Hurndall took a leading part in all matters connected with the welfare of the settlement. For fifteen years he was chairman of the Road Board, and was elected to the County Council when that body was formed. He was for many years chariman of the school committee and licensing committee, also in the Commission of Peace, and for many years attended actively to his duties in this department.

Deceased took great interest in all religious matters, and was senior deacon of the Church to which he belonged, and whilst the district was without a minister conducted the services in the Church. The immediate cause of death was a fall whilst walking in the garden, which fractured a thigh bone, and caused a severe shock to the nervous system. At the time of his death he was aged seventy three years of age.
- NZ Herald 3.12.1888/Back Roads

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Amy. I've referred your post to those at St Judes here in Avondale compiling a database on those buried at the George Maxwell Memorial Cemetery here in Avondale. Cheers!