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Monday, January 25, 2010

Matakohe Museum

The Matakohe Kauri Museum is one of our family's favourite places in the Kaipara to visit. For those who don't know Matakohe is a small settlement about 20 mins from both Dargaville and Maungaturoto. Matakohe was first settled by white people in 1863 when members of the Albertland group landed there. The Kauri Gum industry was established around 1867 but it was not profitable and was soon converted to a timber mill. The museum has different displays of some of the machinery that was used along with the names of the original men and women who lived and worked with them back then.

Firstly here's one of the timber machines. At some of the displays you can push a button and it will start up and show exactly how it would have been used.

This is the boarding house - if you can imagine folk would stay there and no doubt have their meals prepared and clothes laundered etc along with renting a room from the owner.

This is my son's favourite display - in this one it shows a dinner table set up with Victorian china, crystal etc and in the corner is a woman making bread, on the left a boy is stealing some cream from a bowl.

Kauri gum - here's a model of a man studying some pieces of gum he's thinking of buying from a person who's worked very hard at digging it up.

Here's a big cabinet of some of the larger kauri gum specimans found in the area.

This one is especially larger and it's got a huge weta stuck inside it. I'll be posting soon some more photos and information on Matakohe.

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